A Rebel Minded Festival 2019 will take place August 16th-18th in Bushwick, Brooklyn at Collab - 309 Starr Street Brooklyn, NY 11237. ARMF 3 day festival will feature a film screening, a fashion show, and Art & Music showcase. We will also have independent vendors displaying their products for sale. 

A Rebel Minded Festival (ARMF) is a summer festival which represents the grand stage for all independent creators to express themselves through Film, Fashion, Art, and Music among a community who genuinely respect and support the independent culture. It is a platform for independent movements to further develop, as well as for people to network with some of Tri-State's most talented independent organizations, brands, and individuals. ARMF will consist of a film screening, fashion show, and Art & Music showcase. ARMF celebrate works of quality that unquestionably contribute to the progress of the independent culture as well as encourage the development of the art and creativity within.

Ticket Details:


Day Passes can be purchased for $20





3 Day Passes are available for $50 

Hosted By:

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Music By:

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ARMF 2019: Film Screening will feature cutting edge independent films from filmmakers who aspire to bring untold stories, thought-provoking projects, and music inspired visual cinema to the audience of innovative and unapologetically creatives, visionaries, and influencers that will attend A Rebel Minded Festival. 


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ARMF 2019: Art Showcase will feature mixed media art installments by local artists looking to promote and sell their work. We’ll also have live art painting which guest will be able to join in on and create their very own painting to take home.

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Rebels use fashion to make a statement and communicate to the world who they are and what they represent. The designers have used their own unique perspectives and created an aesthetic that displays a range of fresh and innovative designs. As A Rebel Minded society we are all carving out our own paths in New York City and versatility of fashion is what makes us all stand out from the crowd. These designers have been making their mark in the fashion industry independently and what better way to show it than the 2019 ARMF Fashion show.


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ARMF 2019: Music Showcase represent a platform for indie talents to showcase their creativity as they defy conventional labels and disprove stereotypes.  We have a solid and diverse line-up of up-and-coming performers who will captivate attendees on the ARMF stage.


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Our Rebel Minded Market is a celebration of the DIY culture. Featuring indie makers and entrepreneurs curated to offer a range of one-of-a-kind products. We support and help local businesses grow by connecting them to their intended consumers.

ARMF 2019’s success is a team effort.  We are grateful to our Partners & Sponsors who’ve joined us to help execute our vision.   Here’s a partial look at ARMF’s 2019 Partners & Sponsors:




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