The 2nd Annual Cannaware Society fundraiser for Breast Cancer

Join us as Cannaware Society presents The 2nd Annual Cannaware Society fundraiser for Breast Cancer, which will take place October 6th, 2018 from 2-7pm at 258 Johnson Ave Brooklyn, NY 11206. The purpose of this fundraiser is to spread awareness about cannabis as an alternative option in medical treatment as we raise Funds for You Can Thrive. This event will feature Music by DJ Mojo Jojo Cannavendors Food by: Natacha's Empanadas Treats by Melia's Taste An Art Gallery Auction Media coverage by: EstroHaze & Rebel Minded Media and more! Attendees will receive a copy of our Know your options guide and a ARMS gift bag with your ticket purchase. 15% of the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to th

The Alchemist Forum: Hijos del Sol

Join S.T.A.R.C.H & A Rebel Minded Society for the third installment of our intimate gatherings called The Alchemist Forum - a space for people to engage in stimulating dialogue concerning a number of socio-political issues and their manifestations in cultures, societies and particular works of note. ​ For this third iteration, Subtitled "Hijos Del Sol" (Spanish for "children of the sun"), we will be addressing the long-standing disconnect between the African American and Latino American communities - from whence does it originate/what are its' roots? How do we go about bridging this disconnect and mending the relationship - within ourselves, society, and the world abroad?. ​ Set within Gran

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