Cannaware Society Presents CannaTalk Vol. 5: Action Speak Louder than Words

​ Join Cannaware Society for CannaTalk Vol. 5: Action Speak Louder than Words, on Jan 25th from 2-7pm at 46-55 Metropolitan Ave #102, Ridgewood, NY 11385. This event will feature a panel discussion that empowers NY residents to take action and ensure their voices are heard by their elected officials, alongside music, food, Cannavendors, giveaways, and a live performance. The next legislative session began on January 8th, 2020 and community advocates will be on the frontlines pushing for the passage of cannabis legalization rooted in racial, social and economic justice. ​ Right now, New York is at a critical juncture. Poised to determine the fate of marijuana legalization – and justice – in o

65 Outstanding Black & Hispanic Men Leading in Cannabis

While researching for the latest update of our top-selling workbook, How to Succeed in the Cannabis Industry, 3rd edition, I found information around Black and Hispanic-owned businesses in the legal cannabis industry underwhelming. Far too often invisible. From High Times Magazine to MJ Biz Daily, people of color are rarely included in the global lists highlighting key cannabis industry insiders in significant numbers. Only a few consistent names make the mainstream round-ups, largely focused on big name celebrities doing little to truly impact the industry's public perception, government regulations or social equity. For most, especially men of color, there are no shortcuts to success in th

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