A Rebel Minded Society seeks to educate and raise cannabis awareness while bridging the gap between our community and the industry. The purpose of our Cannabis Awareness Society event series is to create events for the cannabis community to network, learn from, as well as educate each other about the benefits cannabis would have on society if allowed to thrive and develop. A.R.M.S hopes to foster a diverse community of advocates, patients, entrepreneurs, professionals, and enthusiasts, as we work to raise the public's level of consciousness and reshape the industry around Cannabis.

Upcoming C.A.S Event


The 1st Edition CannaMarket



635 Classon Ave
Brooklyn 11238



Join us for our Cannabis Pop-up market event as we support and help legal cannabis businesses grow by connecting them to their intended consumers. This event will feature live music, art, and of course, vendors of legal cannabis goods.

Hosted By:

TiYanna Long

Music By:

Lean Automatic

Live Art By:


Panel Discussion

Dr. Bernie Lee

As the Associate Chief Medical Officer at New York’s largest palliative care agency, Metropolitan Jewish Hospice and Palliative Care, Dr. Bernie Lee leads the daily clinical operations, ensure quality and ethical standards, maintains regulatory compliance, develops new business and strategic plans, and educates professional staff. In addition, he also serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where he educates medical students, physicians in training, attending physicians and other healthcare professionals. Dr. Lee served as an active duty armor officer in the US Army after graduating from West Point Academy. He then completed a post-baccalaureate pre-medical program at New York University, and earned his medical degree from Stony Brook School of Medicine. Dr. Lee is a strong physician advocate of medical marijuana and is leading the charge to educate physicians on its safe and effective use in order help alleviate the suffering of patients with chronic and terminal illness.

Yasha Kahn

Yasha Kahn is a cannabis advocate and the Director of Marketing and Education at Massachusetts Cannabis Research Laboratories (MCR Labs), a cannabis testing and independent research Laboratory in Framingham, MA. MCR Labs aims to advance the medical and recreational cannabis industries by providing a green laboratory that is good for patients, cultivators, the environment, and the community while helping providers within the cannabis industry ensure product safety and regulatory compliance. Using effective methodologies developed in the pharmaceutical field and applying them to a wide variety of MMJ compounds and matrices. At MCR Labs, cannabis is tested to the highest degree of fidelity found in the pharmaceutical industry to help ensure the safety and quality of available MMJ products in accordance with the regulations. 

Amy Roth

Amy Roth is a Health Coach at Breakwater Treatment & Wellness Alternative Treatment Center, a state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary and growing facility. Breakwater uses scientific growing and culturing techniques to grow strains designed to treat your specific medical symptoms. They concentrate on quality production by carefully controlling conditions to make sure their product reaches you in pure and unadulterated form. As a Health Coach & Policy Advocate, Amy had been advocating for the NJ program including the addition of qualifying conditions as well as access to more dispensaries for patients. She continues to coach and consult with medical cannabis patients in NJ and NY and looking to expand to PA, Ohio and Florida reform.

Sang Choi

Sang has over 16 years of experience practicing in specialty pharmacies focused on HIV and infectious diseases, oncology, transplants, compounding, and fertility. She received her degree from Long Island University College of Pharmacy and served as the Pharmacist-in-charge and manager of a specialty pharmacy counseling patients
with complex drug regimens prior to working with Etain. Through her extensive experience as a pharmacist, Sang brings strong competencies as a pharmacy manager and patient counselor to Etain. Sang prides herself on her ability to interact with patients, and believes in the importance of both high-quality medicine and committed counseling in providing compassionate care to the patients of New York State.

Mary Lynn

Mary Lynn is a breast cancer survivor who believes in the healing power of full-spectrum phytocannabinoids. An actress, author and 9/11 widow, she spent her summer growing hemp under the guidance of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program, for the purpose of developing organic CBD products for her family, friends, and others.  She has been cancer free for one year since her diagnosis, with no side effects, which she attributes to her use of cannabinoid compounds and other plant-based botanicals

Rani Soto

Rani Soto is the founder of "I Deserve Canna", an online community for patient and business advocates to share and exchange Cannabis related news and events occurring throughout the United States. Rani previously worked as an educator in the New York City school system and is currently a financial advisor. His ultimate goal is to close the Cannabis information gap that currently exists within all communities, especially communities of color.

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SAVAGETHEPOET has been spitting since the age of 15. His poetry is inspired by the roots of Hip Hop, the streets of Brooklyn, and his journey as a Puerto Rican in the city of NY. As a wordsmith, he holds the hopes and dreams of his people through the rhythm and blues of his speech.

Johnny Buffalo

Johnny Buffalo is a professional beatboxer, and is part of the a cappella group Backtrack. He has also competed twice in the American Beatboxing Championships, placing 2nd for the 2v2 and loopstation competitions.

Noved Infinite

Devon Webster, 26 years old from Brooklyn, New York. Began playing music at the age of 7 on piano, began writing raps and poetry at 12, and picked up the violin at age 14. Playing at different venues throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan and even Staten Island has taught the importance of versatility and the depth to which music can be expressed. Often annoyed with the pressure to choose a genre/niche but has an understanding that genres are created by people and sound waves don’t differentiate between which airwave to ride.

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Melia's Taste

Out of Sion

Roll a Bong


Creme and Cocoa Creamery

Massage Vibes

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