On August 23rd, 2020, after four groundbreaking years of showcasing the best of independent fashion, film, art, and music, the heralded A Rebel Minded Festival (ARMF) will champion independent creators one last time at our 2020 virtual event.

The final ARMF will be a live-streamed celebration of creative expression, a salute to those visionary individuals who follow their muses to produce work that moves the culture and the community. ARMF 2020 will feature carefully curated work across the film, fashion, art, and music categories that aim to provoke thought and inspire. In addition, each category will feature highlights from previous years to acknowledge the growth and evolution of the ARMF platform and the many creators it has supported. 

We will be kicking things off with our selection of curated short films, followed by the fashion and art segment. The music segment will close out our festival. Attendees will have the opportunity to support the independent creators featured in the festival by making donations via links on the ARMF website. 

Grab some snacks, get comfortable, and help shine a light on the independent artists shaping our culture. Tickets are FREE, but you must RSVP to attend. Scroll down for the complete schedule and ticket link.

August 23rd 12 - 10:30pm
Film | Fashion | Art | Music
Hosted by Amber Monet
Music by Someguy

No upcoming events at the moment



Onika a post-apocalyptic Kung-fu adventure about a young avenger on a quest for vengeance. His only vow in life is to annihilate the devious Glentron Industries Head in command The Almighty Sho-Gun and avenge his comrades and family.

Onika Profile pic.jpg

Someone Good Will Find You

Someone Good Will Find You is the story of a boy who learns an unintended lesson when his immigrant father attempts to teach him the value of money.


à la Beast's Justice

A dark yet hopeful four-minute feat that delves deep into the underbelly of South Africa. Three all-consuming storylines merge together, resulting in a bloody and most memorable climax. Oozing with endless amounts of pent-up energy and raw emotion within every second, one has to wonder at the end of it all -- what is justice?


Nekros Pizza - Raises

Nekros Pizza is a web-series about a group of kids working for a run down pizza place while they all try to search for fame and stardom.

Nekros Pizza profile pic.jpg

A Day in the Life of Who

Lucy has made up her mind, she's going back to her homeland to find the brother she and her mom left behind when they fled to the United States. There's just one tiny hiccup: he fled too and lives as a homeless man in the same city as she does: New York City. The tragedy of the story is that fate allows them to meet.

A Day in the Life of Who profile pic.jpg

Uber Prize Ride

Game show enthusiast Jeffrey Jepson is determined to turn his side hustle driving Uber into a hit quiz show. He’s enlisted a videographer, written a series of trivia questions, and is on the streets working his contestants. The only problem is, most people just wont play.

Uber Prize Ride profile pic 2.jpg


"B" is a native New Yorker trying to find her voice while constantly navigating the absurd encounters that come with being a women of color living in Brooklyn, NY.

B-sides profile pic.jpg

Milk & Cookies

Two best friends eat a "magical" batch of cookies that come with life-changing repercussions.

milk & cookies profile pic.jpg

Mikel's Faith

Mikel's Faith stars prolific filmmaker Alexander Etseyatse as the titular character Mikel. This short film is about Mikel Hill an incarcerated former Golden Glove Champ that is suddenly released from prison. He then tries to restore his former life and confronts his past friends. 

Mikel's Faith profile pic.jpg

Someone Else - The story of Titus Gandy

Have you ever wished to become someone else? When he came to New-York, Titus Gandy chose to follow Robert Burck and become the first “Naked Black Cowboy” of Times Square. Only dressed with a pair of boots, underwear and a cowboy hat, he walks across Broadway to amuse people. But is there a trap, to become an everyday character? What if the iconic figure he built was only a dream that hid his own personality? More than ever, Titus Gandy is at the crossing of the worlds.

Someone Else - The story of Titus Gandy


Fear is a social drama that shows the vulnerability and fragility of the human being in a society invaded by fear and constantly beaten by the media.


I Want To See For My Self

'I Want To See For Myself' examines the often forgotten legacy of African American tennis legend Arthur Ashe in Soweto, Johannesburg. Also regarded as a human rights activist, in 1977 he donated funds to build and develop the Arthur Ashe Tennis Centre in Soweto after visiting a segregated South Africa for a tennis tournament.

I Want To See For My Self profile pic.jp

Alternative Facts

A comedic take on the joke that is the Trump presidency


One Actor Short Part 2:

A Romantic Comedy

‘One Actor Short 2’ is a romantic comedy that focuses on a group of close friends and strangers helping Yuval’s character find new love through living his truth. Yuval David Creates Bold and Daring New Approach to Guerrilla Filmmaking with his Unparalleled Film Series ‘One Actor Short’. in which he unites narrative, documentary, and reality formats to create an unscripted episodic film series like

none other. 


Are You Volleyball?!

A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrives at an English spoken country border and can't keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday until a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups. 



Caleb, a mid 60´s ex alcoholic tracks down his 27 year old daughter that he abandoned many years ago. Finding out she is a prostitute, he is forced to hire her in order to reveal his true identity and ask for her forgiveness.



An overbearing father discovering that his teenage son has transformed the basement of their New York City townhouse into an amateur darkroom. There the boy develops gruesome and voyeuristic images from his late-night crime scene photography.

Darkroom Profile pic.jpg

Jistis Powetik

Jistis Powetik is a Short Narrative Film about a young father of color trying to reconnect with his wife and child after spending time in prison. Haitian American Olivie Honsou is trying to make up for lost time with his family (wife and child) after being in prison but he must first overcome a few shadows of his past while trying to keep a promise he made to his daughter.

Jistis Powetik Profile pic 2.jpg

Terri Walker Homelands Documentary (Jamaica)

Terri Walker goes back to her roots and visits Jamaica to discover how Music and her life have been shaped by heritage.

Terri Walker - Homelands Documentary (Ja
Sterling Profile pic 2.jpg

Art By Chenoa

Talia Chenoa is an artist from New York who studied art at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. She works primarily with acrylic and oil to create pieces that speak to her experiences and the experiences of those around her.

Sheena Garcia

Sheena been painting for many years and enjoys sharing her skills with other people. As an art teacher, who been teaching for about 16 years, sheena sees Art as her therapy.


T is an abstract artist, who tries to push his audience to think and engage with the artwork as well as with themselves. He likes to use his God-given talent to inspire others as well as encourage people to go for everything that this life has for them! And above all spread love!


Sterling is an artist who wants to bring light and a little bit of humor into everyone’s day-to-day. She does body paint and enjoys experimenting with colors. Join her world of color and love


Gastaloops are a personal project, a marathon that consists in creating 100 animations in 100 days, with three main colors (white, red and black). A blend of surreal and inventive GIFs that perfectly convey the atypical universe of the Londoner.

Sven Rose Profile pic.jpg
Krochetbykim profile pic.jpg
Byas & Leon profile pic.jpg
Nayburhood Kool Kat profile pic.jpg


Krochetbykim is a brand based in Handmade crocheted apparel, customized to perfection. Other than participating in vending opportunities, this brand mainly goes by personalized orders

Sven Rose

Sven rose is an urban and streetwear line that was created in 2015 featuring male and female hand-sewn clothing.


Kool Kat

Nayburhood Kool Kat Is a Lifestyle Brand, From Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Specializing in Urban, Street-Wear Fashion, and well known for their Original Color Patterns.

Byas & Leon

The Byas & Leon Shoppe is a boutique specializing in ethical
and sustainable apparel - providing wares from Fair Trade and Zero Waste brands, Independent Creators, and curated vintage from around the world.

Zentencreation profile pic.jpg
Space Bum profile pic.jpg
Delia Alleyne profile pic.jpg
Unique Wired M profile pic.jpg

Space Bum

Space Bum a collection by Skoolz to show a futuristic and abstract collection.


At the age of 9 Tenneisha mother taught her how to crochet. Which she thought was the most boring thing in the world at that age, Fast forward to now and she has created Zentencreation, which she hopes will become a household name one day.

Unique Wired M

M'Shari design and create Handmade Wearable Art from organic materials, metals, and crystal.

Delia Alleyne

Trinidad/Brooklyn Fashion designer who designs for the bold, daring and confident woman. They pride themselves in respecting uniqueness and individuality in our customers.

Gaelle's Crochet

Crochet designer

Her Love Clothing

Her Love Clothing is not only a clothing line but a movement a movement to instill self love, self worth, & the queen essence into ALL Women!!!!

Elie Balleh

Elie Balleh delivers tailored apparel and sportswear designed to reflect the enduring quality and fit for which the brand is known for. 

Her Love Clothing profile pic.jpg
Gaelle's Crochet profile pic.jpg
Elie Balleh profile pic.jpg
Noved Infinite profile pic.jpg
Savage The Poet profile pic.jpg
Kola Rai profile pic.jpg
Redddaz profile pic.jpg
Chocolate Brown and Chicken over Rice pr
Rokafella profile pic.jpg
Rachel Clark profile pic.jpg

Chocolate Brown & Chicken over Rice

Chocolate and Chicken over Rice are a newly formed band that capture the funk and soul on every track they perform. Think of them as the Avengers forming for the first time. They and Epic and the Heroes we all need and deserve.


Redddaz has proven he is a music artist through natural talent and creativity. From producing, to singing-song writing, engineering and other skill sets within the music field.

Rachel Clark

Rachel Danielle Clark, born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA hustled her way to New York in order to peruse her dreams. She is an actress, a writer, a poet, and an overall artist who loves to create.


NYC born and raised La Roka also known internationally as Bgirl Rokafella  for her Break (dance) mastery, performed as a teen in school productions and later at open mics. 

Supe The Dude profile pic.jpg
SoPoetIQ profile pic.jpg
Ceddyjay profile pic.jpg
The Beatbox House profile pic.jpg


SoPoetIQ (Wendell Sisnett) is a spoken word poet from Far Rockaway Queens, New York

Supe The Dude

BROOKLYN born ginger poet. African/Latino decent. Freestyle MC. Neighborhood superhero. Saviour of the Universe by the Power of Equality.

The Beat Box House

Beatbox House is an American beatbox collective based in New York City originally consisting of six beatboxers. The Beatbox House has since its formation helped many beatboxers along their journey.


Cedric “Ceddyjay” Preval is a dynamic rapper/artist who has been rapping since he was only four years old. Born and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, Ceddyjay comes from a proud Haitian family with an eclectic legacy of musicianship. Being immersed in music basically from birth, it was Ceddyjay’s destiny to become an artist himself.

Pat Rzl profile pic.jpg
Crimdella profile pic.jpg
Chrybaby Cozi promo pic.jpg


Crimdella is Harlem, but his name rings out city-wide. Founding member of Black God
Pantheon, 'Crim, youngest son of revered Activist Elombe Brath is true to his roots, and
to the roots of his neighborhood. An uptown icon in the making.

Pat Rzl

Pat RZL is a rapper & songwriter (originally from the island of St.Kitts) but now reside in NYC. Pat's intense, lifelong devotion to her craft was inspired by artist such as Lauryn Hill, Nas, and Miissy Elliot just to name a few. Every time she touches the mic she converts strangers into believers. 

Self Dialect

Self Dialect, born Omari Edwards (OE), is a Brooklyn born Hip Hop artist. This Emcee, Audio Engineer, Song Writer, and Producer’s need for an outlet developed into an
unparalleled obsession with music. Penning his first song at age 10, Self Dialect found a way to escape the harsh realities of growing up in the inner cities of New York

Chrybaby Cozie

ChryBaby Cozie is one of the pioneers of the style of dance called Lite Feet which is the future of Hip-Hop.  Aside from his travels around the world teaching Lite Feet he is committed to helping the youth get off the streets through dance as he works in several community centers in Harlem where he is from

Savage The Poet

SavageThePoet is a Nuyorican spoken word smith from Brooklyn. He is passionate about the power of the word and the ability it has to capture and transform a culture.

Noved Infinite

Devon Webster, 26 years old from Brooklyn, New York. Began playing music at the at of 7 on piano, began writing raps and poetry at 12, and picked up the violin at age 14.

Kola Rai

Kola Rai began singing at the age of 5 and  dancing at the age of 8 at a Performing arts program. At the age 13 she then realized that signing and dancing was something that she wanted to do for the rest of her life.  

Ay Smoov

Altonio Stewart Jr (Ay_Smoov) is a Drummer/ Rapper from Brooklyn (Brownsville) New York  who started drumming at the age of 7, and has been making music for 4 years now.

CTez profile pic.jpg
Yumsthatman profile pic.jpg
Leo Manzari profile pic.jpg
Mother Nature profile pic.jpg


24 year old Puerto Rican Brooklyn based rapper YumsThatMan is Hip hop in the flesh as he tells his Story's with his 90s style with a twist of modern day production.


CTez is a Singer/Rapper from Westchester County, combining introspective wordplay, and energy with a smooth flow to vividly paint pictures.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature is the irresistible force of Klevah and TRUTH—emcees devoted to building a legacy founded on defiance and self-discovery. The Chicago-based duo is the answer for listeners seeking both substance and simplicity

Leo Manzari

Originally from Washington DC, Leo Manzari is a Lucille Lortel award nominated tap dancer. A featured Guest Artist on So You Think You Can Dance, The Mo'nique Show, The Kate TV, PBS News Hour, Jerry Lewis Telethon, and ABC's "The View."

SoSoon profile pic.jpg
L.U.N.A. profile pic.jpg
Prez Primo profile pic.jpg


Influenced by a collection of various artists, L.U.N.A works to transcend the traditional musical genres by mixing many different sounds creating a sound that is individual to the band.


SoSoon is a New York City Hip-Hop artist who's name is an acronym for Sound Of Something Out Of Nothing, which represents the heart of Hip-Hop culture. 

Prez Primo

Prez PrimO is a young up & coming Latino artist from NY. The Newburgh by-way-of the Bronx rapper originally released his debut "G.O.O.N.S.T.A.R." mixtape in 2016 on various streaming services including
Datpiff, SoundCloud, & Spinrilla. 

Nuance the Artist

NuanceTheArtist is a 29 year old, artist/producer born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Growing up, he saw himself playing the drums, but, quickly fell in love with the guitar. 2008 is when his music career began, in which he has worked on several mixtapes.

Melissa Jones profile pic.jpg
Rot pack profile pic.jpg
Batala New York profile pic.jpg
Bams Kelly profile pic.jpg

Rot Pack

NY emcees Tay Dayne & MuGGz

Melissa Jones

Born and raised in Oakland, Melissa Jones is a singer-songwriter and has released music with her as a lead vocalist of a 7 piece soul/funk band called No Lovely Thing as well as part of many other music collaborative projects.

Bams Kelly

Bamskelly is a New York born artist who blends Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Afro beat, and many other genres
together to create a unique worldly sound.

Batala New York

Batalá New York is an all-female percussion ensemble playing Afro-Brazilian music, primarily Samba Reggae, a genre originating in the state of Bahia in northeast Brazil. As its name suggests, Samba Reggae is world music that incorporates Brazilian samba and Caribbean reggae.

Da StarLightz Profile pic 2.jpg
Znuff Starr profile pic.jpg

Znuff Starr

Znuff Starr is a Artist/D.J. /Producer from Paterson N.J. who has been actively working in music for 22 years. Hosting Clubs, Radio and concerts also Writing and producing for several Hip Hop and R&B artist.

Da StarLightz

Da StarLightz are the combination of JwaStar & K!ng L!ght. A married hip hop
couple who coordinate their musical interests into everyday life


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