Rapskool Presents Class In Session Day 1

Rapskool Presents: Class in Session, our monthly music event series for individual to showcase their talent and compete for a chance to win a Rapskool Grant. The grant will consist of tools and resources to help take artist music career to the next level. 8 artists will participant in a 3 round tournament, with the audience choosing the winner.

RSVP at rapskool.eventbrite.com

Hosted by: H.Leon

Music by: DJ Mojo Jojo

Media coverage by: Rebel Minded Media

Food & Pastries for sale

$1 Raffle

Live Performances by:

  • Roy The Savage

  • RemyRoy

  • Kyl3wis

  • YumsthatMan

  • Chocolate brown

  • Temmy Bridges

  • WNT52

  • No Suh

Sponsored by:

  • Just Water

  • Blue parallax

  • Flash Crystal


  • Concrete Rose Magazine

  • Melia's Taste

  • A Rebel Minded Society

  • Rebel Minded Media

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