6 Women Weed Warriors Leading The Way

Check out High Times article about these 6 Women Weed Warriors Leading The Way in the Cannabis Industry

"The time has come to rebrand, to reevaluate and to appreciate the female role in the industry for what they bring to the table as women. It’s no longer required of women to roughhouse like the boys, wear pantsuits or drink whiskey to reach success. Women can, if they want to; but there’s no need to display these attributes like Boy-Scout badges, conceived to prove a point.

From business leaders to decision makers, advocates and mothers, women are creating their own lane to be seen and heard in the cannabis industry.

But, who are these women who decided to leave promising corporate careers and put personal ventures aside to make such an impact in a high-risk industry? Which are the factors that have determined their success in this arena?" Click https://hightimes.com/business/picking-brains-leading-female-cannabis-execs/ to read the article.

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