CannaMarket Spring 2018

Cannaware Society Presents CannaMarket Spring 2018 which will take place May 26th, 2018 from 1-6pm at 639 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY. The purpose of this pop-up market event is to educate our community on what is currently available in the cannabis industry, create a destination where people can shop for legal cannabis products conveniently, as well as educate each other about the benefits cannabis can have on society if allowed to fully thrive and develop. This event will feature vendors, live music, food, and art.

Music by: DJ Mojo Jojo

Media coverage by: Rebel Minded Media

May 26th 1-6pm

Electropositive - 639 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

RSVP $11 | Door $13

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