The Alchemist Forum: Hijos del Sol

Join S.T.A.R.C.H & A Rebel Minded Society for the third installment of our intimate gatherings called The Alchemist Forum - a space for people to engage in stimulating dialogue concerning a number of socio-political issues and their manifestations in cultures, societies and particular works of note.

For this third iteration, Subtitled "Hijos Del Sol" (Spanish for "children of the sun"), we will be addressing the long-standing disconnect between the African American and Latino American communities - from whence does it originate/what are its' roots? How do we go about bridging this disconnect and mending the relationship - within ourselves, society, and the world abroad?.

Set within Grandchamp's restaurant - a comfortable eatery/event space that has long catered to artists and entrepreneurs of color, there'll be food & drinks available for purchase as well as tastefully curated wares from select vendors. Open to all purveyors of consciousness, intellectual discussion, and positive energy, business/initiative cards are strongly encouraged.

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