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This is a difficult and unprecedented time for all of us, as we learn more about how COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting our communities, we felt it was necessary to host a Live Roundtable to discuss these matters as well as solutions on how we can continue to thrive and overcome this pandemic.


Join us May 4th at 7pm for "State Of Health: The State of our Communities & Solutions to Thrive”, moderated by Doc Beasley Founder & Ch. President of NYC HIP HOP IS GREEN via Live Stream for a discussion on how we can improve our way of living and better prepare our bodies to be in a healthier position to fight off diseases such as COVID-19. RSVP to receive Live stream details


A Rebel Minded Society commonly known as A.R.M.S is a Social Enterprise that provides outlets, resources, and support for Rebels who often go unheard. Here is where those individuals can come together to build relationships, share ideas, learn from each other, all while expressing themselves creatively. We currently do so by curating events, producing content, as well as providing platforms that educate and equip Rebels with tools to actualize positive change in their communities. For more details visit rebelminded.com


Hip Hop is Green (HHIG) is a pioneering movement led by a team of artists and performers that use the power and influence of Hip Hop to speak to youth and spark positive changes in their lives. HHIG supports holistic health and the transformation of urban communities by providing powerful, life-changing programs for underserved, low-income urban youth and their families in areas of health and wellness through creative media and live events. For more details visit hiphopisgreen.com

May 4th, 2020

7PM ET | 10PM PT

Live Stream Via Rebel Minded TV


Fred Beasley aka Doc G is a global youth culture architect and lifelong creative with over two decades of experience working with at-risk youth of all ages. He has traveled the world doing interactive workshops and lectures designed to empower the disenfranchised. Doc is the Founder and Chapter leader of NYCHIPHOPISGREEN a plant-based multimedia company developed to introduce inner-city youth to the benefits of living a healthy balanced lifestyle in a flavorful and digestible way. 

Doc Beasley

Supa Mega Greens, his films The Remedy,' Wholistic Wellness for the Hip Hop Generation,' and a number of critically acclaimed albums have transformed the arts and wellness landscape over the last two decades. He is the pioneer of the 'Chlorophyllion' green lifestyle, creator of the Hip Hop Meditation Ciphers, a military combat veteran, founder of the Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood organization, and once a member of Bill Cosby's group, The Cosnarati. He concurrently co-owns @supamegafoods A plant-based supplement company with his brother @aliamechitorain and childhood best friend @chriskazirolle

SupaNova Slom

Omowale is a 20-year organizer, author of "An Introduction to Veganism and Agricultural Globalism", creator of Black. VegFest and former champion martial artist dedicated to community wellness.

Omowale Adewale

Dr. Sumeet Bahl is a Vascular and Interventional Radiologist at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, where he performs minimally invasive image-guided procedures. He is plant-based and has practiced meditation daily for over 20 years, having taught at Yelp and within the Mount Sinai Health System. Dr. Bahl is an avid hip hop fan and works with NYC Hip Hop is Green to promote holistic wellness and a plant-based diet

Sumeet Bahl MD

Dr. Dhanabalan is a highly respected and educated physician and known to most as Dr Uma. She is the Founder/CEO for Global Health & Hygiene Solutions, LLC established in 2006, with a mission to promote wellness and prevent illness. She created the model TotalHealthCareTHC where she “Educates Embraces Empowers” patients and promotes cannabis as a treatment option at Uplifting Health and Wellness. She is an advocate, activist, and educator and speaks globally about cannabis as a plant medicine. Her mission is to change the Stigma regarding Cannabis and for the world to know about the Endocannabinoid system through education. 

Dr Uma Dhanabalan

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