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Cannaware Society

Cannabis related content

Cannaware Society seeks to educate and raise cannabis awareness while bridging the gap between our community and the industry. This channel consist of videos from educational events and curated experience within the world of cannabis.

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The Alchemist Forum

Panel Discussion Series

The Alchemist Forum is a series of intimate gatherings for open-minded people to engage in stimulating dialogue concerning a number of philosophical, social and psychological issues and their manifestations - in cultures, societies and particular works of note

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Panel Discussion Series

Facing change is a series dedicated to formulating public dialogue and encouraging local action to create change for a better tomorrow. Progress can’t be made without addressing the issues and discussing solutions on how to overcome them.

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Recording Live From

Event Coverage Series

Recording Live From is an event coverage series showcasing independent cultural events such as music and poetry showcases, art shows, film screenings, workshop, and panels. We show viewers an in-depth coverage allowing viewers to be a part of the experience. 

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Panel Discussion Series

A Rebel Minded Society & HipHop is Green Present State of Health a  discussion series about how we can improve our way of living and better prepare our bodies to fight off illnesses.


S.T.A.R.C.H The Series


S.T.A.R.C.H is a docu-series that seeks to enlighten and inspire young adults and beyond with thought-provoking and stimulating material, with an aim to foster a culture of intellectual growth, worldly awareness, and altruism.

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